#Kiss My Fancy Texas Ass T-Shirt by modernMARLA


-#Kiss My Fancy Texas Ass!  Graphic Tee by modernMARLA!  100% Cotton Black Fitted T-Shirt With Gold Glitter Screened Lettering.

-Not For The Faint Of Heart!  Created Especially For The Spicy Texas Girl!  Born Out Of The World Wide Pandemic, #Kiss My Fancy Texas Ass Has Proved To Be A Go-To AND Quite Timely Wardrobe Option!  SOOOOO MANY Compliments When Worn... Trust Me!... A Great Conversation Piece and Ridiculously Fun To Wear!  A MUST For The Feisty Fashionista!

-Fitted Tee.  Fits True To Fitted Size.  Recommend Wash And Hang To Dry.